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Yes, I've seen the Star Wars movie too...

I give the movie a rating of 5... "MEH!"

But I'll talk about that later with a proper spoiler tag, not that you don't know what happens to Anakin, right?

I must say before I start that I haven't seen a movie in a very long time, the last time I saw one was the Scooby-Doo 2 movie, so I barely remember how it feels to go to one...

It didn't start well from the beginning, I going to be late because I missed the train, and I got there pretty agitated and nervous thinking I was going to miss the beginning.

I was stubborn and convinced myself to get popcorn and a soda, which cost as much as the movie! I ordered a medium combo which is ENORMOUS! Frankly I don't see the difference between the medium box to the uber giant bucket! The seller himself claimed he didn't see the difference!

When I arrived I thought "Damn I probably missed half the movie already!", but what I found when I arrived was commercials! Yes, these ARE normal, but we got FORTY minutes of them! ARGH!

Geez, I could tell what was going to happen as soon as the canchellor told him to kill Dooku, and I knew he was the bad guy too...

The movie was so "X-TREME" light sabers and explosions galore! Yay! I'm being sarcastic! W00t!

Two hours of FX? Just marvelous! Yes the transformation process of Anakin to Darth Vader was good, and the ending tied everything up, but that's about it!

And the lava fight? Can you say action and FX overkill?

To make things worse, the popcorn was so salty I drank the giant soda and soon regret it! My bladder nearly exploded!

And of course the cinema was full of screaming kids to make the movie extra enjoyable!

I ran out as soon as the credits, hoping my bladder would make it! Well, you can't run properly with a full bladder, I made it, but the kids practically tried to knock the bathroom stall door!

And then comes the other reason I came to the mall, to see snakes on display! Now that was something worth seeing! There was a beautiful desert snake that had me mesmerized!

I thought a burger would cheer me up, but the mall didn't have one of those maps and I almost gave up. You'd think the Mc Donald's or Burger King would be easier to find! I finally found a Burger King where they got my order wrong and gave me double bacon cheese burger WITHOUT BACON! Sigh...

Definitely now worth it... I'm usually onlty a bit crabby, but not I'm irate!

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