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One week until the UK Web & Mini Comix thing! YAY!

Ooooh! Only one week to go!

I've yet to decide what I'm going to do the afternoon before the con, but I'm likely to go the Forbidden Planet uber comic store, have dinner in the mall and while I'm there pick Phenonix Wright Justice for all... :P

Frankly, I have no idea what I'll do the afternoon of the con, I guess I'll probably nurse the plague I'll get at the con! XD

Speaking of the "Con Plague", what on Earth do you guys do to prevent getting it?

I printed a map of the tables, so I can find the people I REALLY want to meet and then the rest, but I must remember things I probably shouldn't do:

-No Groveling!
-No Fainting!
-No Squeeing!
-No Glomping!
-No Loafing?

I'm more excited over this con than any other con in the UK! Frankly, if Danielle and Liz weren't at BICS, I wouldn't have gone. And Since Liz seems to visit the UK Web & Comix Thing, I see no reason to go to BICS... except Cadbury world!  As for the Bristol one, it seems to be the bigger one and Jennie is there, but that's about it...

If you see an overly excited short Spaniard who looks like he didn't get any sleep over all the excitement the night before, that's me! XD
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