Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

Wha the... They talked about the WCCA on the News.... IN SPAIN!


Sweet Mother of Mothra! When I talk about webcomics to my geek friends, they think I'm talking about downloading Naruto illegally or reading Garfield online. The webcomic scene in Spain is as bad as the... well, the indie comic scene, if not worse...

As every Wednesday, the news have a small segment of the fans of all things "digital", which mostly news about videogames and the internet. Today they talked about the Web Cartoonist Choice Awards....

I could clearly tell that they didn't know a thing about what they were about, and they barely spent a minute talking about it. And frankly WCCA is old news by now... :P

The question is, do they look for stuff at blogs and sites like "I AM BORED" at random, or do they actually have somebody who actually reads webcomics amongst them?

I guess next week they talk about Samorost... ¬_¬
Tags: wcca, webcomics

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