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Hmm... Comics!


Previous Entry Hmm... Comics! Mar. 6th, 2007 @ 11:23 pm Next Entry
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This is practically how I spent the day today, reading Strangers in Paradise... Oooh... Mmm.... Comics GOOD!

I also finally decided to subscribe to Audible, and chose the Discworld novel Wintersmith to spend my first credit...

I also read an article from the Game Developers Conference where they said that "Hardcore" gamers like frustrating and overly long games... If "hardcore" games are not supposed to be fun anymore, then I'm now officially a indie retro gamer.... ¬_¬

Speaking of which today I played the WORST game ever, I doubt you want to hear about it, but imagine a game with an instruction booklet that's really an activity book, which you MUST complete to play the game!
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