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Anvil Baby!

Aaaaw! What and adowable bundle of joy! XD

And now you know where babies come from too!

I should get bonus points for the "They Might be Giants" reference! The Doctor? They call him Doctor Worm! :)

And thus end the Anvil Romance Saga! They met, they loved, they squished things...

*sniff* I'll miss them... Hmm, should I make them into a strip? With this infinite canvas clause, I could claim it to be my first comic, right? :)

I'm seriously debating whether to subscribe to Audible or not... It's a site where you can get audiobooks, and if you subscribe you get a credit to spend on a book each month.... I'll already listening to the free audiobooks at Podiobooks but... those are running out...

I like printed books, but I'm a pack rat who is running out of room... Audiobooks are looking like a good idea every day! Seriously, I'm still looking for a place for the latest batch of comics I got! :P

A funny thing about audiobooks is the pricing, it seems that they are quite cheap now, and cost about the same as the book, except for the newer ones, I think.... Here's an example, the first Harry Potter book is about 20€, but the latest is 80€! YIKES!

They have a huge library there, they don't have all the audiobooks, they don't have Harry Potter, but they do have almost all the Discworld novels! If I had those on my iPod I'd listen to them as often as I could!
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