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Mmm... Comics! And Unidentified Flying Kilt!

I just got a truckload of comics today!

When I found out I could order some of last year's Free Comic Book Days Comic I ordered as many as I could! They weren't free, but hey, I live in SPAIN! It's miracle if I get my hands on any of these!

The Tokyopop one was OK, out of the three stories, one was OK until it was overly dramatic, the second was cliche, but I liked Sea Princess Azuri

One was half Star Wars, half Conan, one was Transformers both were pretty good.

The Phantagraphics was OK, it had BatBoy before Danielle did it. Kinda angsty though...

Jack the Lantern should have been the kind of comic I liked, but I didn't... :(

I really liked Bluff & Tales from a Forgotten Planet...

Uncle Scrooge and Donald Duck were just like I remembered them!

Can you believe that the FCBD Justice League Unlimited is my first hero DC comic? I've never seen Zatanna even though I kinda know her until today!  :P

And why do I say this my first "hero" DC comic? Becuase I buy the Scooby ones! What? I say Jinkies every day? What did you expect!

The Bucky O'Hare one is a bit darker than the cartoon, but even more awesome!

The highlight of the batch (not counting the Devil's Panties of course) was chipzdarsky 's Monster Cops... The Frankenstein Monster, Dracula and the Wolfman are cops, they are awesome, the comic is awesome! BUY IT NOW!!!! Seriously, it has great!

Onto Project Kilt Hunter! I found some software to make me sound like Vader! XD

Also, I did this!

WHEEE! Unidentified Flying Kilt! XD

And I'm done for today! :)
Tags: comics, devil's panties, jennie breeden, project kilt hunter
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