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Pixel puns: Bee-yacht!

Tee hee! I made a pun of a naughty word! XD

I also managed to do some characters for Project Kilt Hunter!

He heh, the kilt is bigger than the dwarf for extra silliness!

I SOOOOOO have to find some software to make my voice sound like Vader!

EDIT: I'M SOOOOO MAD AT THE WCCA! More like, the "Questionable" awards! I really like Questionable Content, but COME ON! I bet they wanted a categories called "Best Webcomic with AnthroPCs", "Best Webcomics that start With Q and end in T"....

I don't hate QC, I really like it, but when they kept giving awards to QC over and over again... There are better drama comics than QC, with better character writing, and so on and so on...

And has Cooper updated at ALL since the last WCCA? It got TWO AWARDS!

Lackadaisy and Perry Bible Fellowship deserve the awards they got, and I guess the rest do...

Seriously guys, next year, nominate a pixel art blog category! :P

When you give a webcomic an award, it's a cool thing, when you give it a million, it loses all meaning and everybody else gets pissed!
Tags: devil's panties, jennie breeden, pixel, project kilt hunter, puns, wcca

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