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Pixel Puns: Diss-a-pear!

Ouch! That one HURT!  XD

If nobody replies I'll assume the pun was too much for you! :P

Speaking of pixels... I got a message from someone who had seen my stuff and liked it...

He called them "sprites" *shudders* and said there was a forum where I'd be welcome...

Could it be? More people like me?

YEEEE- AW @#$%! It the typical site where kids take sprites from games and alter them a little,  or nothing at all, not a single piece of original art in there, the ones that did, just used a "base" from some other game sprite....

So.... Why would someone who makes original art be interested in sprite fanboys? And why would the sprite kids be interested in seeing non game related art?

Would I be a pompous jerk if I said I'm.... better than that? I feel weird saying that, when I'm so new to this I don't consider myself an artist even...

I actually saw a cool Dante sprite and said "HEY! They must have done this one by hand.... Wait, he looks like Iori... HE IS IORI!"

Sigh, I better shut up before I say something I regret... I hate ranting but I had to vent some air...
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