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Girls With Slingshots Got Game!

Say what?

You heard me! Girls with Slingshots has a videogame!

Hmm, who do we know that makes pixel art and is a game freak? He he, as if you didn't know!

As far I know, this could very well be the first webcomic game! I know that Penny Arcade had that Arkanoid clone, but that didn't really count since it didn't have anything to do with the webcomic, in mine you play as "PacPedro" at least!

And other games have just had mods or existing game or they just make a sim of a character...

And yes, that IS my voice in the game! :P


MUA HA HA HA! I'm on could nine now! XD

I've gone "wakka wakka" this time!

EDIT: So maybe it's not the first webcomic game, but it's possibly the first decentish webcomic fan game?
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