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A double dose of Danielle, plus 50cc of Scrubs plus 2000cc of chocolate cures everything!

Yesterday, my cold had me in a very foul and lazy mood, but today after reading Girls with Slingshots, (and specially the background!) and her guest strip at You'll Have That I was still ill, but didn't care anymore! :P

And then I starting watching Scrubs and eating chocolate, I'm still sick but in a great mood! Good enough mood to fanart again! :D

This is T-Rex of Dinosaur Comics

He's shaking his dino derriere!

I'm not sure how well it turned out since I don't have that many dancing dinos for reference... :P

All I had for referemce was my plush Godzilla and my imagination...


I'm not sure if anybody remembers a certain interactive movie game called Braindead 13. It RAWKED!

It also had a character called Fritz, who chased the hero during the hero during the whole game, and was awesome!

I was always afraid of doing a pixel fanart of a game character, someone might think I just ripped it from a game, but this is an FMV game, so it doesn't use pixel art / sprites.

I think he turned out pretty well, but when you do pixel art of a.... slightly deformed creature, how do you know if it turned out well?
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