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Yay! I helped a birdie! And 5 senses... of ice cream!

Today is come obscure holiday nobody is sure what it's about, but we get the day off anyway...

I have go do some chores and on my way back I noticed something black near the potted plants near the entrance...

It was bird! But what would could a bird be doing in here? For second I thought it was some sort of decoration, bet when I got close to it it moved!

I don't know how the poor thing got in here (probably a kid being a nuisance), but it couldn't get out on it's own! He kept ramming into the windows because it didn't know what a window was! The poor thing was so panic stricken it didn't run away from me when I got close. I was hoping of chasing it out, but it was so terrified that I had to grab it and let it outside! People will wonder why the entrance is full of feathers, he he!

An ice cream company, which probably has a different name in your country, has released it's new summer gimmick. Last year it was good, but not well planned, it was called "7 Sins" and had 7 ice creams with different flavors each, the problem is you only had a few flavors and had to wait a few weeks for the new one, but they appeared randomly at random places and times and I didn't get to taste them all.

This years it's called "5 Senses", and this time they released all of them at the same time, and I already bought AND ate all of them...

"Smell" was just awful, coffee and coconut? Yuck! Oddly enough, "Taste" was just OK, with a hazel flovour, "Look" (fruity)and "Sound" were my favorites...

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