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Gift gif 17: Mel of Hellbound and Dorky tree dreams!

This is Mel from Hellbound.

It's a story about a demon, her sister (in a dog), an unlucky guy who got his soul stolen by Mel and not very bright thug, who are trying to get some sacred artifact to get Guy's soul back (the unlucky one). Results so far are disastrous, but hilarious! XD

Wow! Is it me or did this turn out very well? I certainly hope so!

Do dorky trees dream of being turned into comics?

I can just imagine it:
"DUDE! I can't wait till they turn me into a comic! If I get turned into a swimsuit issue. Is that like scoring?" XD

I've never done a tree before, I'm not sure if it turned out well or not.... Hmm...

Speaking of these gift gif things I do, I was planning of making a little post on how well they were received by the authors.... Would anybody actually be interested in knowing that? If so, what would you like to know? Statistics? Detailed facts?
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