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Adventure Time! Also, COMICS!

Ryan Estrada started an Adventure Time meme in LJ, so I did a little quick pixel thingie for it...

In other news, I actually bought some new comics in the newstand!

Spain now has it's own Mad Magazine! Some of the sections are actually done by Spanish authors so they don't simply translate the US one. It's clearly trying to boost sales of US comics, since all the ads are for DC comic, except one for Fables (Fables! YAY!)

I now remember why I stopped buying it, I just don't find it funny, I don't think I ever did... :P

But that's not the only comic I got! We now have our own indie anthology comic! Well, this is Spain, so I guess EVERYBODY is indie here... And a few are not from Spanish authors, but still... It's pretty damn cool!
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