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Nothing to watch...

I just realized that last month I had too many series to watch on TV, and as of today, I have nothing!

I watched Megas XLR, Teen Titans, Bobobo, and kept my eye on One Piece, which should have had new episodes, but...

It ended abruptly, the same way as in public TV, I should have seen it coming...

The other series all ended more or less the same day, so now I have nothing to see on TV!

Oh well, back to Scooby re-runs!

It appears I'm having ANOTHER long weekend, since something happened to my PC the last too times, I'm pretty wary this time. Considering my motherboard died last time, I'm hoping nothing can top that and nothing bad will happen...

And since every time I plan a big weekend something goes wrong, I'm gonna wing it this time. I won't be let down if I don't have big expectations...

I do plan to make some corn dogs. You can get those in Spain. Neither can you get cheese steak, but we don't have hoagie rolls in Spain either so I can't make those...

Some people don't get blogs, in the beginning I didn't either, but now I do.

As the name states, a live journal is like a diary, it's a place to jot down what happened to me today, and therefore, where other people who know you online can get to know more about you, without annoying other people (which is what would happen if you wrote you "bloggish thoughts" in a forum). Some of us use it to rant and review, and some of us don't have lives that interesting as other, but hey, I'm not forcing you to read it!
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