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2006 retrospective and 2007 resolutions!

-In 2006 I have the insane idea of trying to beat all my unplayed adventures, I had enough to play one a week, but most of them were so bad I had to stop playing or I'd hate adventure games for the rest of my life.... :P

-I insisted on doing a game journal which nobody was interested in... :P

-In June I made the dancing McPedro and word was forever changed!

-The next month I met Danielle in an airport in Spain! SQUEE! That same month we had a small fire in out store, but nothing serious.

-I had a very productive vacation and started doing pixel art!

-In October an online friend of mine spent his honey moon in Spain and visited me. We had a blast. I joined Deviant art.

-My pixel army grows and starts to show up on several webcomics, sometimes on the front page! I nearly faint each time! :P

-And of course, in December I went to a convention in UK and met Danielle again, and Liz Greenfield too! I gave Danielle my cactus and she SQUEED!

Not bad, definetely more interesting than any of my previous years!

As for resolutions?

-Try to make a very small FULL animation (30 sec? 1 Min?). Try to find public domain music and sound effects for the tiny toon...

-Try to make a short mini game with my pixel art. I have no idea what to use! Adventure Game Studio? Game Maker? Beats of Rage? RPG Maker?

-Try to do a comic strip in pixel art to see if I can!

-Go to the Webcomix Mini Thing in the UK.

-Meet Jennie Breeden at Bristol convention!! XD

-Take over world with my pixel army!

Things sure have changed a lot, my resolutions no longer involve getting the biggest game collection in the Universe (not that I don't collect games anymore), but I've changed a lot. I'm more confident, and I actually have some ambition!

Now if I could only get Zelda out of my system so I can actually be productive again! CURSE YOU, WII!:P

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