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Gif Gif 11: Atreau of In the Puddle and Soda "Pops"

This is Atreau, Cicque's pet fox faced bat, from the comic In the Puddle

A comic with Pirates, Pastafarians and Mosh Pits!

Frankly, I kinda "winged" the wing movement, since I'm not entirely sure how they are supposed to move, I couldn't find a good reference...Well, I kinda know how the wings should move, but not the speed of the movement...

Even though I don't drink soda, the idea of a Soda "Pops" .... "popped" into my mind and I just had to do it!

I was going for the 60-70's toon father look, and I think I got it quite nicely!

I guess I could call him McFizzy? XD

And the bubbles he's blowing are the ones from inside himself, of course! I'm not sure I got these right, since I'm not sure how these bubbles should behave only that they should be quicker than a soap bubble. I dunno.... :P

As for my me... I won't be able to get a Wii until after Xmas, which sucks since I'll get Wii games for Xmas, and I didn't get a single Xmas card! And I'm out of chocolate and comics....T_T
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