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Drowsy.... ZZZZ....

Allergy pills make me drowsy, but this is ridiculous, I took one with last night's supper and starting dozing off a few hours later, which is normal... I think?

But today I was STILL drowsy! I DOZED off at work! And I work in a butcher shop, now that's a place where you don't want to fall asleep! Good thing I wasn't using a knife at that time, I was making sausages...

It's a strange feeling, I've stayed up very late before, and I can say the feeling is similar but different, because only my brain feels tired, when my body should feel tired too...

I feel as dumb as a rock, as alert as a rock, as as clumsy as a rock, I'm not even sure what I did today!

I don't think I did anything, I don't feel like doing anything now either...

I am alert enough to notice one thing, yesterday I ordered the Machinae Supremacy CD and today my spam folder had some musical spam, coincidence? I think not!

Since it rained today, I think I'll risk and NOT take the allergy pill...
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