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Gift gifs and Saiyan Santa!

It's obvious Santa Claus is actually a Saiyan!

How else can he visit every house in the world in one night?

This is the first animation that doesn't loop, how could I? Make the cap reappear?

I've had this idea in my head for a while, so I just had to do it. It looks fairly like the idea in my head, I'm kinda proud even though it's not perfect...  :D

(You might not be able to see the glow if you have a white background in your LJ)

Yeah, I'm special!  XD

Also, I think I'm entering a sugar coma now...

And now...

This is Candi!

I've tried to do Candi before, with... different levels of success...

It seems I finally did a nice one!  :D

If you haven't read Candi, what are you waiting for? It have drama, flying ferrets and the Squirrel Mafia!

Daisy is Dead is a comic about a girl whose life started when she passed away...

I've been here for a short while, and I discovered this comic the day I joined DA, and loved it from day one!

I hope it turned out O.K....

I need sleepies now
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