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It's over! For now...


Previous Entry It's over! For now... Dec. 10th, 2006 @ 04:50 pm Next Entry
There isn't much to tell today, Sundays are  apparently  slow, and most tables were empty until almost  noon. I helped Liz set the letters she had stuck  to her table, but  Danielle  wasn't back yet so I  browsed a little, bought some comics  from someone who told thier store was near... enough, and that I should  really  read Fables in order. 

So, with nothinng better to do, I went  there, picked  Fables, the Complete Bone and Volume one of Complete Sandman... 

Man, were they  heavy! I  don't think I  have room for more!

By the  time I got back, Danielle was there  and had my sketch. I didn't have much to do except talk  a little and  eventually  say... goodbye.... T_T

So... the weather is horrid and cold and I have a ton of comics.... Need I say more?

I'll  explain things  in   more detail and show  the  few photos I have (It's too cold to cosplay) when I'm home...

It's barely  four and I'm calling it a day....Heh... :P
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