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HOTNESS! In more ways than one!

I  was practically  first in line for the con. But there were many delays, so I had to  wait in the  cold. I saw Liz  and Danielle  arrive, and lucky for me, they let us in in time for me to get a hold of Danielle at the  door! 

She recognized me! I think.... You should have  seen her face when I gave her my McPedro! XD

I also gave them turron and personalized Xmas cards. I bought   a ton of Liz's merch and asked for a sketch from Danielle.

Since it wass very cold there weren't many cosplayers, but  I have some  photos...

When I filled my back pack with I headed to  the hotel and then to CADBURY WORLD!

OOOOOOHHHHH! The smell of chocolate was DIVINE! I didn't have time  for the  tour, so  I just bought a back pack full of chocolate and went bacck to the con...

I was  feeling icky and Liz  noticed I was sweating, and Danielle told  me that she usually  got ill at  cons...

Could  it be? The legend of the  Plague Monkey is  true? 

I went to the hotel, took some medicine and  hot tea and  rested... a  few hours later I felt better.

Thank  God!  I'll probably go to bed  soon  just in  case....


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