Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

Blimey! I'm in Birmingham!

Good  Grief!  I'm in  Birmingham!  COR! 

Even  though  I arrived two hours early,  I  didn't  have  time to  dilly-dally. The  plane for some reason  arrived at a gate at  the opposite  side.  AND THEY DIDN'T  TELL US!  I met a band  that  would have to  cancel their  tour if  they  didn't make  it at time. 

The take off was  kinda  scary.  I  spent the flight watching Channel Frederator  on  my  iPod.

The railyway network  is confusing nobody asked for it !

The  walk to the hotel was horrid   I didn't get lost but  I  didn't  know where or how to cross the roads here! WHERE ARE THE ZEBRA CROSSINGS???

The hotel is  nice, the  room  is small but hi tech   and kinda luxurious.  I  went to the  Bullring  to shop....  OMG!  THEY HAD OLD GAMES! I HAVE NIGHT  TRAP! YAY! And cooking  mama too!

When I got back  Wifi  wasn't working, so  they   changed the room, but no  luck . They  lett  me keep the pass and now  I can suf free!  WHEE!

But all my URLs were  in my  DS,  so  I have  to remember  them.... AGH!

I'll  post again  tomorrow. I  think...


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