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Game... On?

I think that I was rambling too much about Psychonauts, so I'll leave my rant as it was and just say it's a great game and you should but it if you can...

Now that I've beaten it, I just don't what to play next! It's not like I don't have anything to play though...

Today I went to give my sister the "dead" motherboard, so she can go to exchange them, they are still in warranty and she is friends with the owenr, since I had time I went to the mall, and visited Centro Mail, a game store.

It appears the only game shop franchise in Spain has been bought by a UK company simply called Game, and they are already starting to change, I had to change my client card, and I got CHARGED for the new one!

I wonder if the change will be for the better? I bought a few games I wanted, but I really didn't want to spend that much, not that I couldn't afford it, it was going to be spent on games anyway...

Lately I've gotten the urge to get an Ipod Mini, seeing that I actually have more than one music CD now, it's an urge I know I can't fight, and coincidentally, my sister says she will vacation in th US and she can get me an Ipod much cheaper than in Spain...

Incidentally, I'm thinking of buying the Machinae Supremacy CD or the Psychonauts soundtrack or maybe both?

Changing topics, I've just noticed how much my eating habits have changed. About a year ago, when I returned from my morning "shift" at my father's butcher shop, I ate a pack of donuts, a pack of "snowy" mini donuts, and two packs of mini chips! Egads!

Now I eat soy bars, and yogurts, and diet soda! My hiatal hernia has noticed it as well, before my stomach hurt like hell after a meal, now it only hurts if I overeat or eat something too strong...
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