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No Wii for Mee! Wii are not pleased!

Great.... I visit every bloody store I know, and only two had the Wii, one said they didn't have enough to cover preorder and said I couldn't get one...

Guess how many the other had.... TWO!

Good grief! This is ridiculous!

The official release date in Spain is the 9th, and I won't be in Spain, and it will be out of stock... 5 minutes later? That is, if they even have any left after the pre-orders....

This has never happened to me with a Nintendo product before, I always go there on the release day and get one, so the idea of not getting one never occurred to me...

I haven't seen so little stock since the PS2! And the worst thing is, the only place I pre-ordered it told me that I wouldn't have one on release day and said I wouldn't even get one unless I paid in advance, so I didn't...

I better get one for Xmas, since I bought some games already, some as Xmas presents for others...

The worst part? The only new games that I could play to wait until the next batch of Wiis arrive are FOR the Wii!

But not everything is bad, something awesome DID happen today!

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