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A "Wii" bit of chaos....


Previous Entry A "Wii" bit of chaos.... Dec. 6th, 2006 @ 05:23 pm Next Entry
Today is a holiday in Spain (sometimes I think we have too many holidays) and we went to the only mall that was open today. There were still a couple of things I needed for my Birmingham trip.

The Wii wasn't on my mind, until I saw Wii game in a store... They were out of Wiis...


But they DID have the games! I know have Zelda, Wii Play (with Wiimote), Red Steel, and... GT Pro Series... Why did I buy a car game? Because I might actually enjoy them with the Wiimote!

I also got Yoshi Island DS, so now atleast I'll have something to play in the UK...

I can't really play with the game, but I did do something.. Out of curiosity, I shaked and waved my hand like crazy to see if all those goits that say that the Wiimotes fly out of your hands.... It didn't budge a milimeter.

Hopefully I'll be able to get a Wii tomorrow, but I doubt I'll have time to play much since I should be getting ready for my trip!
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