Tanukitsune (tanukitsune) wrote,

BURNANATION!.... Amd Birmingham bound!

My first dragon EVA! The face looks, ok, but I'm WAY too novice to do a decent fire animation.

And the Birmingham convention is getting close... I'm happy, excited, terrified, giddy, etc, etc....

I'm gonna make a list to see if I've forgotten something:


-Bought plane tickets
-Bought convention tickets
-Booked hotel room
-Printed maps of the hotel, convention and airport area.
-Printed map of Birmingham Underground
-Got a iPod USB charger so I recharge the iPod without plugging it into my PC.
-Got an AC power adaptor so I can plug my chargers into a UK plug.
-Got some "thing" or "things" for a special surprise for one or more person I may or may not meet at the convention.
-Got toiletries that will pass the new airport security rules.
-Got DS Browser so I can surf while away from home.
-Got a ton of episodes of Channel Frederator, enough to last the whole weekend!
-Got a very AWESOME book to read while waiting at the airport, just in case.
-Got cell phone roaming activated.
-Got travel insurance.

To Do:

-Print Xmas Cards
-Find out if I'll be able to visit Cadbury World. They have a store and a restaurant! OOooooh!
-Find out who in Offler's name will be going to the convention, friends AND /  OR webcomic artists. I only know that Danielle Corsetto and Liz Greenfield will be there!
-Find out if I'll be able to get my hand on a Wii since it will be out the day I leave to the UK.
-Find a game for my DS, or GBA, to play on the plane, just in case.
-Get quite a few pounds for the journey.
-Get some sort of hardcover folder in case I get some prints, original art or similar.
- Find out if I've forgotten anything else. Any hints from frequent con goers would be appreciated. :P

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