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Let's talk Psychonauts!

Today I will finally talk and rant about this game, starting by a little summary of the game...

In Psychonuats, you play the role of Razputin, raised in a circus, with acrobatic abilties and a curse. Most of his family was killed py psychics and the survivors cursed to die in water. Yet, Raz has psychic powers himself and thinks his father hates him for this.

So he escapes to Whispering Rock Summer Camp for training Psychonauts Psy-cadets hoping that becoming the best Psychonaut he will teach his father that psychic are not evil and can do good, that they ca be heroes!

When he arrives he convinces Coach Olleander to let him stay, but only until his parents come to pick him up!

Will he be able to become a Psychonaut in such sort time? Will he be able to prove himself?

The game is plataformer blended with a bit of RPG and even a bit of adventure!

The game itself has a sense of humour like no other and not really violent, just a bit of toon violence...

After waking up, you have your Basic "Braining", which consists of entering Olleander's mind where he will teach you the basics of the game.

When you enter your mind you can find out a lot about him just by looking around, it's one giant battlefield with the military type of music, you find your first figments of imagination, which help you rank up and gain new abilities.

Also you get to sort "emotional baggage" and clean up mental cobwebs(you can't do this yet) and finally you'll find vaults with secrets of the person you are inside...

The figments of imagination are different in level and go with the level's theme in this level they look like soldiers and other warlike things, and the first vault show you the good side of Olleander, his pride to exact, but with the next vault you find you learn he became a psychonats because the army didn't accept him for being to short and you'll notice a bunny and meat theme that will become more important later...

After leaving the Agent Sasha Nein will ask you to assist to special training class...

You learn about arrowheads made of psitanium, that are the local currency here, and meet the local fauna...

Psychic bears! They levitate and use their telekinetics powers on you! I laughed my ass when I saw them!

When you finally make to Sasha's lab, he teaches you your first powers, the psybalst, a blast of concentrated emotions focused and channeled as a weapon. But you must pass a test first! Inside his mind!

His mind is the complete opposite to Olleander's one, Sasha is orginazed and a neat freak, you are all alone on a giant cube and you her violin music. And you meet the censors for the first time. The censors fight anything that shouldn't be in your brain, like Raz.

Raz, must kill 1000 of these things to earn his badge, but he is impatient so he speeds up the process... too much! Now the place is crawling with censors! You must shut down the valves to stop the flow!

You'll notice a shoe theme and the vaults their show you that Sasha's father was a shoemaker. When you shut the valves, a mega censor appears!

I think I've ranted enough for today, I'll continue tomorrow!

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