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Gift gif 5: Antimony of Gunnerkrigg Court

This is Antimony of Gunnerkrigg Court. An comic you should check out if you haven't yet!

In other news, I had a very freaky thing happen to me this morning... I was doggone tired and didn't have time (or simply didn't feel like napping), so I had coffee... I have taken coffee before, but when it kicked it... I was HYPER! FOR REALS! I could stand still, and kept walking, hands shaking... And well, I'm beginning to think Jennie is joking in her  "hyper" strips. If someone saw me then they would have thought I was somebody who escaped a mental asylum! Or a ... "special" person...

Also, it's two weeks until the Birmingham convention! I think I have almost everything ready, just some minor details, like finding out whether I will be able to use my iPod or DS on the plane. I have book to read, just in case, and I should have a lot of comics on my way back!
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