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Shakin' your bacon!

Hmm, BAAAAACOOOOOOOON! Ooooooooh! :3

In other news, it seems I have almost everything ready for my little trip to Birmingham, UK! I have the plane tickets, hotel reservation, the tickets for the convention, just a few minor details are missing, but the urgent stuff is done and dealt with...

Some funny thing have happened to me lately, funny thing I usually talk about here but forgot too... :P

My SHIIIINYYY almost new iPod has a little trouble, I could never hear a thing on the right earphone, no matter how many times I changed it, so I contacted Apple support as soon I found out it wasn't the earphone... They didn't reply by email or anything, they just sent a DHL guy to pick it up the very next day! I pray I get it back in time for the convention! T_T

I also had a little scare yesterday. My PC went berserk and acted like I was constantly pressing "<-". I thought it was the keyboard, so I unplugged it... No luck... I ran the antivirus... Nothing... I reset my PC and everything was OK! XD
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