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Psychonauts RAWKS!

I finally beat the game at rank 100! This game is just so great! The wait was worth it and the ending actually moved me a little!

Ah, man, I really want to tell you about this game but it's getting late... Tomorrow I'll make a big rant about this marvelous game!

I haven't gamed this hard in a long time, I've played this almost non-stop and beat it without help! I'm actually kinda proud of me!

One final thing, I knew my mother was going to put new curtain in my room, without asking me first that is, but I didn't know she was adding more! I thought she was just exchanging them!

Gah! My parent made me undo have the work I did in my room just to drill some holes for the new curtains, now my room is a total mess, and I can put things back yet!

But finally I get to remove those childish paintings I have and put some geeky ones instead!
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