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Give a Gift Gif Week 1: Zemi of Stuff Sucks.

This is Zemi, the sexy scoundrel from Stuff Sucks! From the extremely awesome Liz Greenfield!

I've decided to start making at least ONE of my little pixel gifs based on webcomic characters... A WEEK! But there is a catch... I will make them based of different webcomics! I'm just curious to see how many I can make before I run out of ideas or webcomics!

Of course, I can do other stuff in between these "gift gifs". I'm also curious to see how people will react to them. I am quite certain that women seem to like these more than men, since I've gotten more positive feedback from female authors and fans of the comics I made the gif of...

This will mean I will have to email the author of the webcomic I'm fanarting or find someway of showing it to the author, it will also be a good way to find out if the author actually replies to fanmail or not?
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