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Holy @#$%! This is awesome! SQUEE!


Yesterday I found out that Jennie had put a bunch of my animated pixel gifs on the Devil's Panties main site! Which is awesome!

When I got home to check my mail, I noticed Danielle Corsetto had emailed me.... She smurfin' loved the Ghosbuster Hazel, she practically said today's strip was dedicated to me! I go to the Girls with Slingshots site and found out she made a little post about me and she not only posted my Ghostbuster Hazel with "McSlimer" but she linked to my Deviant site! SQUEEE!!!!

Also, Danielle remembered akilika and her drawings and said she was very talented! :D

Is it possible to die in an fanboyish overdose? If I "SQUEE!" any harder my head will explode! XD

Tags: squee!

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