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Evil Bread: Crois-Satan!


Previous Entry Evil Bread: Crois-Satan! Oct. 21st, 2006 @ 09:34 pm Next Entry

From the "Cook Book of the Dead" comes the CROIS-SATAN! It's EVIL BREAD... "baked by dawn" of course!

Baked by the deepest fires of Hell and glazed with honey of pure concentrated EVIL!

They already look like devil horns, so it doesn't suprise me to find out they are baked with the dough of... DOOOM! XD

In other news, I've read practically all my old comics, and... I couldn't think of a reason for keeping 99% of them...

My taste has changed, I used to like action but now I like comic with good characters or humor, or both... Most old comic characters are 2 dimensional and their humor is kinda stale now... :/

Oh well, that's what's Ebay is for!
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