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Jinkies! What have I done!?!

For some strange reason, I joined DeviantArt....

I uploaded the "Funky McPedro" and the dancing Jennie animated gifs just to see if they accepted animated gifs...

Soon I got... comments, not many, but more than I expected and sooner than I expected. It's one thing when an author of something liked your fanart, or when fans like it, but I was completely surprised to see people who don't know me or what the animated gif is about adoring it! One guy even asked me to teach him how to do stuff like this! But I'm still learning just myself, and the people who commented are so much more talented than me...

GASP! Could it be.... I'm some sort of... artist? ZOINKS! And BEJABBERS! When did that happen?

I've noticed a few pixel artists there, but they do static images, beautiful, but static... I haven't seen anybody that does what I do yet, just a few that draw and once a while do animated pixel gifs...

And since I'm still new, I'm still figuring things out, like why I have to select the type of image I want to upload or why does my  gallery appear empty most of the time? And do I really have to go check the site for comments?

Anyways... Speaking of "art" (I'm still having trouble considering my stuff art), I made another Halloween "gift gif"...

It's Candi.. Potter! :P

Yeah, you can barely see her face behind the glasses, right? But I like how the hair turned out!

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