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Museum: You see one, you've seen all! :P

So I spent another day with my German friends, we went to the Thyssen Museum, Karen is very interested in art, but even se got bored half way through!

We decided to go to the wax museum, but we were hungry and had lunch first, on me. Unfortunately, the was museum closed for lunch...

But their camera card was full, so we went to nearby mall to get a new one, and by the time we got back it was open.

The historical part was kinda boring, but then we got to the cooler ones, I'll post a link on the end of this post to the part of my Flickr account with the photos. We have wax figures of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings! XD

The wax museum had a "Terror Train", which was a ride with wax figures from horror movies it was cool, but short.

After that, they had a roller coaster simulator, which rocked but didn't have anything to do with wax!

The final part was... a documentary! Why on Earth did they end such a fun experience with something so boring? Half way through we left, and we could see a lot of people leaving behind us!

We went to the famous statue of that bear leaning on a tree at the center of Madrid and.. went shopping for games... Not my idea man!

I suggested to visit to go the old game store that was near, which they seem to enjoy more than anything else that day! :P

We departed for good... Sigh... Germans are kinds cold, they wouldn't have even have shaken hands with me if I didn't do it! I would have hugged, but that would have made them well ackward. And most Spaniards KISS their friends on the cheek! Not that I would ever do that...

On my way home, some crazy punk were going to play something and a punk girl followed me and insisted that I should listen to her song... If she just wanted a donation, then she just should have asked for it!¬_¬

Anyways... PHOTOS!

Speaking of askinf for donations...  Danielle needs mullah to go to the UK! GIVE IT TO HER! NOW!

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