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Zany zoo day!


Previous Entry Zany zoo day! Oct. 5th, 2006 @ 10:32 pm Next Entry
Yesterday I met with a long time online friend, on his honey moon, we had decided that the best thing was to go to fun place... Either the zoo or the theme park...

We went to the zoo, and thought we'd go to the park later...

We arrived at opening time, and the was a school there. We saw a sea lion show, where I got a couple of cool photos. After that we walked to the dolphin show, which rocked but I missed a lot of cool photos... I did get a couple of cool jumps...

But... GASP!  It began to rain! But.. YAY! We were next to the reptile area with was under a roof! You just can't get a decent photo with all the glass there, and the worst part was...

Ok, this is the area where they have the reptiles and dangerous spiders, so I didn't find it weird to see a cage full of bugs, but then I saw several cages full of.... Adorable  mice!  And one just babies! But I immediately realized their fate... I don't think I have to spell it out, but I don't think it's the kind of thing a little kid should see... They might ask question you don't want to answer...

It stopped raining when we got out, and we saw an animal take a dump! I have a photo! XD

Speaking of photos, our batteries kept dying on us, and we bought a ton of them that day! The only place that sold them was the aquarium, which suited us fine! When we finished out vist the store was on a lunch break so we had a lunch break too!

There was only restaurant open, but it was good. The menu was in Spanish so I had to translate for my friends, but the meal was quite impressive, cheaper than I expected, more varied than I expected, and tastier than I expected!

When we finished we went to Auqarium gift shop, and I got a plush octopus and shark! After that we noticed we had missed half the zoo so we thought we rather stay than go to the theme park...

The rest of the visit only had one more main event, I stepped in animal pooh! They don't allow dogs, so... where on Earth did it come from?
I also saw and took a photo or rat in a trash can you can barely see it though.

I also realized that I had spent the whole day in the zoo and my allergies weren't bothering me! My new treatment of eating pollen works! XD

When we were leaving we visited the final shops, one which was the exit. The first one had mostly... plushies from Ice Age 2 and Madagascar.... I got a plush gator... And I got a plush snake from the one at the exit...

I'll be meeting them tomorrow, but I doubt we'll have more fun that at the zoo!

Wait, you want to see the photos? OF COURSE YOU DO! There are monkeys, bears, poopie, red pandas, monkeys, raccoon, monkeys.....

There is a whole lot of them HERE!
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Date:October 5th, 2006 10:01 pm (UTC)
I'm also convinced exposure to allergens helps your body overcome them. My roundabout way while living in Phoenix, was to drink a couple of ounces of wheatgrass juice. Terrible-tasting... but the weeks without puffy eyes and sneezing were worth it. ;)
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Date:October 5th, 2006 10:21 pm (UTC)

In Spain wheatgrass is nowhere to be found :( I have looked for it many many times at health shops but here al 'healthy' stuff is just blooming... Now we are in the 'soy is cool' era, so we still have a lot to go through!!

I like the giraffe picture :D Poor, poor little mice! I will never let you my hamster again! :P
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