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EEK! ACK! OH NOES! KHAAAANN! (Head explodes)

lizgreenfield has just informed me than Danielle Corsetto (And John Allison, and the guy who does Beaver and Steve) will in a convention in the UK...

Which is awesome!

The convention is December 9th and 10th, which sucks big time since...

It's the day the Nintendo Wii will be released...  Both once in a life time occasions...

Right know the gamer is fighting the comic geek in me....

And I think the comic geek will win, as much as a gamer I am, I can't tell Danielle that "Oh I could meet you in the UK if I wanted to, but there is a new game console I want to play with!"

But I already made a Wii pre-order... Curses...

I think I may weep... or something...
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