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What a way to waste a holiday!

Thanks to ATI's marvelous tech support I had to spend the whole day reinstalling Windows XP!

My graphic card wouldn't update and tech support told me to un-install and re-install, but since I couldn't install it in the first place, I couldn't install it at all!

Since I couldn't find what was causing the conflict no matter what, I had no option but to re-install, at least I had time to download and back up the necessary files...

At least the problem is gone...

Sigh, I was almost calm and relaxed before and now I'm more stressed and crabby than before the holidays!

And tomorrow will be a brutal day, according to my father I will have more work than ever...

What the point of having a vacation if I have to work twice as much the day before and the day after too!

And to make matters worse, my Psychonauts package will arrive tomorrow and since tomorrow I'll be working from dusk to dawn I won't be there to pick it up, and some people are having complaints that the game is coming with the wrong CDs...

Sigh... What a great day awaits me tomorrow...
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