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Mother's Day

It's Mother Day in Spain, so we went out to eat today!

I don't know why, but my mother always bakes muffins, too many of them, the breakfast before we go out to eat...

We tend to go already full, well I do since my father is a bottomless pit, but today I passed on the muffins. I could always eat them later!

Lucky for me this time the restaurant was a stone throw away from my house! The car trip always upsets my stomach...

The meal was ok, I specially liked the bubble gum ice cream!

Since my mother's birthday is only a few days away, we got her BIG things that would count as a present for both days, and we will get her a little something for her B-day later...

She got cooks books and robo chef thing, and I got some DVDs I ordered and had sent to my sister's house since it was cheaper and faster....

I ordered the Incredibles DVD and game pack, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes: 25 Anniversary and the Grudge 2...

My parents left to their little chale almost without opening the presents, and now I have the house to myself... YES! Now If you excuse me, I'm off to cook dinner and watch the Incredibles!

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