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We have a new "guest" and he's such a poser...

Strike a pose!

Yep, I got me one of those artist mannequins hoping it will help when I try to animate pixel bodies...

But getting my hands on one was RETARDEDLY HARD! None of the store were I got my art supplies for my McPedro had it, so I had no option to go to...

IKEA to get one... Yes, you heard me IKEA! A place that wasn't meant for people to go to on foot, and a place that doesn't expect you to simply buy one tinnie tiny thing... Not only do they lack sidewalk access, but they gave me this huge bag for this little thing, WHICH THEY CHARGED ME FOR!

Speaking of animating, I was whining about how my faithful program had expired it's trial and the site didn't have them for sale at the moment. So I asked the owner when could I get my hand on the software, and he gave me the install program in good faith and said I could pay him later when the site was up and running again....

And NO! This isn't slang for piracy, he actually gave me installer in good faith!

Which is perfect timing since next month is Girls with Slingshots and The Devil's Panties anniversary!

Expect a dancing cactus one of these days... :P
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