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Like music to my ears....

I recently discovered LibriVox, a site free people volunteer to read and record books that are in public domain, in other words, it's free audiobooks, and perfectly legal!

Considering I spend all my time at work alone in the back of the store with no company but my iPod, free audiobooks sounded like... music to my ears...

And since I apparently spend too much at work, I seem to be breezing through them. I've already read... err, heard Pride and Prejudice, Country of Pointed Firs and I'm on Chapter 9 of Princess on Mars on their podcast.

And from their site I've heard War of the Worlds, The Invisible Man, Treasure Island (on Talk like a Pirate Day), and a ton of short stories which vary from quite good like Pigs is Pigs, To Make a Fire, Gift of the Magi to the only one I had to skip... Sorry Mark Twain, but Taming The Bycicle is just the most boring thing I''ve ever heard...

Speaking of the iPod, it seems that ever since I got the one that allows me to watch videos, I never seem to find time to watch videos on it (Once again, public domain comes to save the day).

When ever I go to the bank, post office or anywhere where a line can form, I usually have to wait for a long time, a VERY long time, but not that I have toons in my iPod, the lines have disappeared! I've been going to the post office two or three times a week, sending stuff I put on Ebay, and instead of line, I find only one person in front of me every time, some times two, but they are quick...

And the same goes for the bank line... It's becoming ridicolus, today there was a line and I quickly pulled out my iPod and tried to play a video, when the guy at the counter said they were having computer problems... Since all I wanted was change for the store, I quickly went to the front of the line....

The only time I had time to watch something on my iPod was when I was alone folding paper at work... Yes I have to fold paper ever few weeks, for a few hours... Did I mention I hate my job? :P

Anyways, one final iPod thing! I got my Stuff Sucks iPod Skin today!

It is "teh" awesome! XD
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