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ARGH! I'm full of bug bites and it's driving me insane! My body is a bug battlefiedl! :P

For some strange reason, while my sister is on vacation in the US, I keep trying to find excuses to get her to buy me a new iPod...

When my iPod froze the other day, instead of trying to fix it, I only thougth of getting a new one.

When I noticed that songs were missing, I blamed the iPod and not the fact that I used a backup program recently and probably lost a few songs in the proccess...

BUT... I just realized that my 4G iPod Mini is getting close to full, specially after replacing the "missing" songs... I'd never thought I'd need more than 1G of music when I got it originally, but now it getting fuller by the day with all the podcasts I listen too!

Or maybe I'm still trying to find and excuse to get one? :/

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