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My Retro Weekend may be cut short?

But it will be for the better!

I just got called from customs saying my copy of Psychonauts copy should be here on Monday! Sweet!

I've been waiting for this game for years, and soon it will be in my hands!

Today was pretty good I played Atari 2600 games all morning, and some games are more challenging and complex that I thought they would, since they came without manuals, I have to look for them, but I know of a site with them online...

For once I think I actually napped! It is normal for a spaniard to nap, but I'm too nervous to sleep during the day, the last time I had a REAL nap was after my eye laser surgery, and I had a Valium that day...

When I woke up, I wasn't sure if I spent all that time sleeping but I did feel rested, so I watched a B-movie...

I saw Santa Claus Conquers the Martians, which RAWKED! Now this is the kind of B-movie I'm talking about! So cheesy, so funny, so bad in a good way!

After that I saw Teenagers from Outer Space, which only had ONE alien teenager, but I love the cheesy ray gun...
One blast and you turn into a science class skeleton! GASP! And it also had a GIANT LOBSTER! Wiigii!

It's late but since I napped I'm not really tired, I guess I napped too much?

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