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"Eye" caramba!

I'm still checking my game collection, and while checking the GBA list I noticed that Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is M.I.A.... Man, I seem to lose one each time I check...

I took my printer to the computer repair and maintainment class and dismantled it to learn a bit, and I learned that it's just to hard to repair so I wonder if the repairmen even opened it, but it's too late now...

I had quite a scare cleaning my father's store, a fluorescent light fell and broke close to me, and I had to clean up all the class just when I was about to leave...

I'm quite nervous, tomorrow I'm having eye laser surgery, and I have no idea of what will happen, everybody says that there is no chance something bad will happen and I'll be OK...

But you expect me to be calm when they are going to use lasers on me, while I'm AWAKE!

Have you ever seen a spy movie where the hero is tied up and the spy is about to get a laser in the groin?
Well that's how I see me in the operation but the laser aiming at my eyes...

Good thing I'm gonna be drugged or else I don't know what will happen...
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