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On today's menu: CHEESECAKE!

No, there are not any sexy drawings here, I'm talking about cheesecake in comics.... As in fanservice...

Everybody knows that for every comic or webcomic that has a sexy character there will be a following of fans that will have PSL for that character...

This is where cheesecake and fanservice enter the equation, some authors will resort to cheesecake (or beefcake sometimes), some simply do it  because the strip is getting too heavy or some just as filler art...

In some comics, it's so "light" that you barely notice it, it doesn't happen often, maybe once a month or two and it never is too risque, a bikini or maybe underwear. It's that relatively normal comic that just happens to have characters that happen to be "hawt". And usually nobody gets offended by these comics, there are hundreds of examples, but the first that come to mind are Wapsi Square of Paul Taylor or Shortpacked! of David Willis. You never see too much, you never get offended and they are never sexist....

The next step are the ones that have "hawtness" and use it to their advantage, but still don't go too far, while still in good taste, these are the ones that usually don't get read by people of the opposite sex of the "hawt" one. While a little bit sexier they tend to be a little more sexist. But like I said, they are still in good taste and not very offensive. A good example? I guess The Lounge from John Josenco and Jamie MacKenzie would be a good one, while high on fanservice, it never goes too far...

And then.... We arrive to the ones that are likely to be drawn by and / or for horny teenagers (or horny people in general), the ones where the plot REVOLVES around finding ways to get the "hawt one" to show as much skin as possible without  resorting to "pr0n". You know the ones I'm talking about, if the comic has fanservice just... because... The comic is rather sexist or at least the main character is, and obviously they will offend... Sunday at Ten is a "good" example, the moment you enter the site, you see a nearly naked elf...  I could barely get myself through the archives...

So... fanservice is not bad, but if you rely too much on it, you lose credibility and attract the wrong crowd... Which might actually be the crowd you are looking for... ¬_¬
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