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Silent Hill: The Movie! Also... Candy and Cactus dreams!

I was kinda fed up of staying home all day, and coincidentallly a friend fo mine called me and asked if we wante to go the cinema to watch Silent hill!

Frankly it was the best movie based on a game I've seen... possibly ever? And even if you don't know the game, it's a great horror / thriller! But if you HAVE played the games, you will see that it's a great homage to series, nearly everything is there and it's done right!

Pyramid Head is there, the atmosphere is perfect... I can't saw enough about this movie!

But I went to the mall for another reason too...

I wanted to make some candy....

I couldn't find anything, and what's worst is that my friend told me that the candy will brown and coloring it will only make it worse....

I just wanted to make several colored candy bits and mold them into shapes and faces...

And they wouldn't be cactus shaped.... Well, maybe one of them would....

Actually.... I dreamnt of a cactus... No, no, no, not Mc Pedro, I dreamnt of Link from the Legend of Zelda,  and that he got a bunch of zany items, the final item I found before waking up was a Cactuar (The cactus thing from Final Fantasy) disguise....

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