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Game Journal August 08: A ton of micro mini reviews

I've played a ton of games lately and I forgot to review them, so I'll just post a few words on each...

-Animaniacs for Genesis: The Animaniacs run amok and try to gather props from all their favorite movies, a perfect excuse to visit a ton a different stages... Well, just a few, a western stage, a horror stage, a sci-fi stage and the obligatory adventure stage. The game is simple, but short. But it is fun...

-Quackshot for Genesis: Donald Duck goes all around the world in search for treasure! The game is a plataformer where Donald must vist the pyramids, South Pole, Duckberg and other places in search for clues for a hidden treasure, only armed with a... plunger gun... This game is sligthly challenging, just about the right length for a plataformer and it's a BLAST! I  love it!

-Talmit's Adventure (Marvel Land) for Genesis: An old arcade plataform game, where a dragon boy must rescue some captive fairy princesses. It full of warps that can send you foward or backward, which can be annoying at some times. Rather simple, short, and challenging...

-Castlevania Bloodlines for Genesis: OH! Now we're cooking! Castlevania games are always great and this is no excpetion. Now you can play a Belmont and another vampire hunter who uses a lance, this lance provides a new way to play the game. Now instead of visiting Drac's castle you visit ruin's all over Europe! The biggest downside is that is uses LIMITED continues! Something NO Castlevanis has done, and for a reason. But it's still a great game!

-Tiny Toons: Buster's Treasure Hunt for yes, you guessed it the Sega Genesis: Would you believe this was the hardest of all the game mentioned until now? I couldn't even beat it! Still fun though, but a bit monotonous too...

-Space Invaders Revoultion (DS): A revamped version of this classic game, which a classic mode and a modern one, the modern mode has improved graphics and challenges for each level, like shooting Invader that are a certain color of fight giant or mini invaders... Frankly, not really worth it unless you find it cheap and want it....

-Mr. Driller: Driller Spirits (DS): Mr. Driller is just as fun as ever, but now with new characters and new modes of play. It doesn't use the touch screen much, but the dual screen is used very well in this game!
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