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YAR! Me booty!

Yes! My package arrived! Right in the last moment!

Tis a fine haul, mateys! In about 30 minutes I learned more about running Atari 2600 games than I could in years...

Without instruction I had no idea on how to getting some of them to work, I found out that you have to reset the game to play them, and of course the good old blow in the cart to make it work...

With the 32 in 1 cart I had to actually turn it off and on again to play the next game...

Well, my weekend is set. I have a box full of old game to play, what more could I ask for? Maybe 2 boxes full of games?

Valve finally seems to have solved the game crashes in Half-Life 2, but somehow I lost my saved games and the faces still look shiny, but I have stuff to keep me busy until they fix it...

For once, it looks like my plans for the weekend will work!
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