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Game Journal August 01: Donkey Konga & Donkey Konga 2

I've already talked a bit about these games, but now I'll actually review them...

I've never been much of musical man, so musical games aren't my forte, but this game is different! For starters, Nintendo made the game a little easier than the average musical game, but it's still challenging.

The game has three difficulty modes, monkey, for beginners, which apparently is me, with very little notes, chimp, moderate difficulty, which I can still handle, with a lot more notes and finally gorilla the hardest mode of all, which is VERY challenging.

Even though the game is designed for the bongoes, you can play without them, but it's not half as fun.

The biggest problem is the lack of story mode, all you can do is play the songs and try to perfect yourself. But the game does have unlockables, that can be bought with the money you get after beating each song...

The biggest difference between Donkey Konga and Donkey Konga 2 is that the sequel has many more songs and now, instead of buying the mini games, you have to pay each time you want to play...

PS: Your hands will hurt if you play for a few hours straight...
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