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Busy as a bumblebee! AGAIN!

I better post this before I forget again....

You'd think the week before my vacation would be slow, but I've been working non stop, and I only stopped to sleep and eat!

I've been sending all the packages of the stuff I sold at Ebay every single day, and I took a littlet trip to the old game store and got a few games for my vacation...

I learned that old light gun don't work well on new TV, but I have an old ones laying around, so no biggie...

Yesterday my sister came to pick up some stuff and stayed for dinner, I asked for something from the asian food court and she brought me a ton of stuff!

She brought me marshmallow bunnies, and some other weird candies, I'm almost afraid to open the packages... The SHIIIINY... SHIIIINY packages!

And I think I need sleepies!
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