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Big Atari haul on Ebay!

I just won big time on Ebay!

You can see I payed quite a bit for Motorodeo, I thought it had rarity 8, but it appears it's just a 6, but I wasn't ripped-off so no harm done...

With luck I might get them in time for the National holidays next week! we both live in Madrid so an express delivery is still affordable and quick enough for me...

I think I just beat my personal record, my previous record was 11 games, nearly the whole old Sim games series, and now my record is 33 Atari 2600 games...

I think I'm putting my photos of my collection on a Geocities site, and I think I should add closeups to the games you couldn't see in the post I made the other day, but I'm not in a hurry to do so....

My mother is firing the cleaning lady, she insists she isn't cleaning good enough, but it worries me that I might have to take her place, it's not that I don't want to help, but when I return from working with an aching body the last thing I want to do is vaccum and iron...

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